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At Levi Benton & Associates PLLC, we offer superior mediation, arbitration and public finance legal services. In mediations, our goal is to get the parties to a resolution so a costly, inconvenient and expensive public trial might be avoided.  In arbitration, our goal is to be faithful to the evidence and law that applies and provide the parties with a private and faster conclusion to their dispute.  In our public finance practice, our goal is to help issuers and underwriters achieve their financing objectives as efficiently as possible.

Our Success

Levi Benton has served as co-underwriter’s counsel on bond issues of approximately $1,000,000,000.00

What We Do

Compromise. Solutions. Success.

Legal disputes can cause an unnecessary amount of stress for even the most sophisticated.  The disputes take up time, energy, and money over the course of several months. Here at Levi Benton & Associates PLLC, we pride ourselves in aiding adverse parties in finding the best and most efficient ways to resolve conflict. Through mediation, we search for compromise between all parties involved. We mediate all types of disputes, from complex business matters to settling a dispute between a professional athlete and his partner about post break up ownership of a dog. 

We will mediate your dispute in person or by video conference in Houston, Texas or anywhere in the world!

We also serve as public finance counsel.

Areas of Practice


"Mediation involves a neutral person, the mediator, who guides parties through communication to promote compromise, settlement, or understanding. A mediator may not place their own views or decisions on the issue at hand. Instead, it is up to the mediator to help you and the other party to come to an agreement. A mediator may not tell the other side what you have discussed with them and must keep your conversations confidential, unless you agree otherwise."
- Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 154.023, Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 154.053.


"Arbitration is a process where each party or their attorney presents their case to a neutral person, the arbitrator. The arbitrator then makes a decision about your case. Unlike mediation, the arbitrator uses their judgment based on the facts presented to come to a decision. A mediator does not provide a decision, but helps both parties reach an agreement on their own."

- Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code 154.027.

Public Finance

"Public finance is the management of a country’s revenue, expenditures, and debt load through various government and quasi-government institutions. A country’s financial position can be evaluated in much the same way as a business’s financial statements."

- Corporate Finance Institute



Partner, Levi Benton & Associates PLLC, Benton Massey PLLC/Benton Massey LLP


Partner, Strasburger & Price LLP


Judge, 215th Civil District Court, Harris County, Texas


Director, Phillips & Akers, P.C.


CFO, American Medical Intl. Bellaire Hospital


American Medical International


Price Waterhouse


Arthur Andersen & Company

Awards & Recognitions

This recognition reaffirms our commitment to providing top notch mediation, arbitration, and public finance legal services.  We are grateful for every opportunity to assist in getting a legal dispute resolved and for every opportunity to assist in getting a bond issue to the market.

Trial Judge of the Year

Trial Judge of the Year, Texas Association of Trial & Appellate Specialists

Best Civil Trial Judge

Best Civil Trial Judge of the Year, Houston Press

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